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“The Lord takes pleasure in those who hope in his steadfast love.” – Psalm 147:11

“In hope we were saved.” – Romans 8:24

The Bible is a book of hope from front to back. At Hope Reformed Church we are striving to embrace this hope; the hope that our loving God is reaching out to save the world. As you page through this website you’ll discover that we are seeking to embrace hope by doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God. In other words, we are seeking to live the life today that God lived when he walked the earth in Jesus of Nazareth, our Lord and Savior. It might not make us rich or famous or be a very glamorous way of life, but we believe God is our only hope to make the world a better place. We don’t imagine to have all of the answers, but we do know where we are going. We are walking in the Spirit on the road of Jesus Christ into God’s kingdom of life and peace. We invite you to join us on this Pilgrimage of Hope!


Ministry Team Sunday.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 HRC news

Ministry is about service.  Service is about using your gifts to share the goodness of God with others and with one another.  One of the ways we do that at Hope Church is through Ministry Teams.  The Gather, Grow, and Care teams will meet this Sunday following worship.  If you feel called to support efforts reach out (gather) or create opportunities to reach up (grow) or make sure that no one is left out (care), this Sunday is your chance to answer that call.  Ministry teams not only give you the opportunity to serve, but they also offer the chance to get to know another.  You're invited to join the team (yes, you).

Outdoor Praise.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 HRC news

Our final outdoor praise concert will be held this Sunday at 3pm.  The weather will be beautiful.  The music will be joyful.  What better way to spend some time with friends and family in the afternoon?!  Mark your calendar.  Bring a friend.  Lift up your heart.  See you then!

The Kingdom Agenda.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 HRC news

This week we'll continue our new series called "The Kingdom Agenda." 

We know that no one likes agendas.  That's especially true when someone comes into a group or conversation with an agenda of their own.  It's even more true when they act all royal about it.  So, there's plenty to turn you off in the title.  But, if you give it a shot, you may find out that this kingdom has a different kind of king who comes with an intriguing sort of agenda. 

This week Sunday you can hear more on "The Covenant of the Kingdom" at 10am.  We'll talk about grace and mercy and what they mean for our relationship with God and with one another.