Love Kindness

Overlooked. Passed by. Turned down. Rejected. Too many people experience life in these ways. Unless you have the right education, wear the latest fashions, afford the newest technologies, or move in the proper circles, it's not easy to feel that sense of belonging. God sent his Holy Spirit into the world to change all of that and create an inclusive body of people. In the fellowship of God's Spirit there is no distinction based on race, gender, or class, but all are one in Christ Jesus. The hope of this fellowship is that there will never be anyone in need among us. At Hope Reformed Church, we are trying to take this communal fellowship seriously. We want people to get a taste of the joy that is to come when God's salvation becomes complete. We invite you, whoever you are, to join us. Here are some ways you can do that:

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SUPPER: On Wednesday evenings (Sept-June) we share a meal together that is open to members of the church and the community. Beginning at 5:30pm we share food and look for ways to share in serving one another in our local neighborhood through TimeBank Grand Rapids. Whether you have a need or need to give, there is a seat reserved for you. Come share with us!